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Transformative Workout Classes

Our Workout

Transformative Workout Classes: Boxing, Kickboxing & More

Welcome to a fitness experience like no other at Rapid Knockout Boxing Xperience, where the only predictable aspect of our classes is their power to transform. Every time you step into our facility in Corinth, TX, a unique and challenging workout awaits, ensuring no two classes are ever the same. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, a fresh and engaging set of exercises is guaranteed from the get-go.

our workout

A Fitness Journey Tailored For All

At Rapid Knockout Boxing Xperience, we believe in inclusivity. Our classes are designed to cater to all, regardless of experience level.

Our boxing and kickboxing sessions are crafted to be as enjoyable as they are effective. We aim to keep you engaged and your body guessing, with each exercise designed to elevate your heart rate and help you reach your fitness targets, whether you’re looking to shed weight, gain muscle, or find a fun way to stay active.

Rapid Knockout Boxing Xperience recognizes the diversity of goals and fitness levels within our community. That’s why we’ve developed a broad spectrum of class formats to support everyone – from those embarking on their fitness journey to the seasoned athletes aiming for peak performance. Our commitment to personalized attention ensures that you receive the guidance, motivation, and expert advice needed to progress. Moreover, our community-focused environment fosters a culture of mutual encouragement and shared victories.

Our workouts blend the intensity of boxing and kickboxing with the comprehensive benefits of functional strength training. This combination ensures a full-body workout that challenges every muscle, keeping each session fresh and engaging.

A Rapid Knockout Boxing Xperience class runs for 50 exhilarating minutes, offering something new each day. Your session will alternate between boxing stations and a circuit of 8-12 iPad kiosks, each programmed with over 900 exercises to ensure a varied and comprehensive workout. From punching and kicking to strength exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells, and more, our classes are designed to push your limits and enhance your fitness in every way.

You don’t need any prior boxing experience to join us – here, it’s all about personal growth and fitness. There’s no competition, just a focus on your own journey towards fitness. Feel the energy, embrace the challenge, and let’s get fit without the hit.

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